Using The Quill Jig

The best place is a comfortable working height in a well-lit area.

Having a "second set of hands," in the form of a helper is strongly advised.  First, you will likely need to restrain the dog by securing its feet together with Vetrap, Coban, or some other easily removable tape.  Lay the dog on very soft, comfortable bedding. (See the "Tips for Pulling Quills" link.)


Begin by placing the Quill Jig in the dog's mouth, with the threaded pegs nearly touching in the center.  Place in the back of the mouth, but do not force beyond the molars (the teeth in the back of the mouth.)  Most dogs, even those that are a bit hyper, once their feet are restrained and the Quill Jig is in their mouth, will become compliant and assume a submissive and cooperative disposition.  If the dog is thrashing with its paws and/or shaking its head, proceeding with the quill jig is not advised.  The dog will need to be seen by a veterinarian.



Fasten with the Quick Release Buckle.  It should be snug, but there is no need to pull it extra tight.

Once the Quill Jig is secured in the dog's mouth, turn the knobs on each nylon peg out (counter-clockwise) to the extent that they are out as far as possible, but still supported by the dog's molars.  This will provide ample access to the roof of the mouth and back of the tongue. If you extract a peg too far and need to twist a peg back in toward the center of the mouth, you will either need to hold the dog's lip/gums out of the way, or remove the strap and jig from the dog's mouth, re-center the pegs, and start over.



To gain access in either back corner of the mouth, one peg can be adjusted "in" and the other "out" if necessary.  You will need to loosen the Quill Jig and re-secure in order to do this.


To see graphic photos of the Quill Jig in use, please follow this link.


Special Thanks to Fast Eddy for his patience during the photo session.




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